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Textil refining

With our embroidery machines of the latest generation we are able to refine a variety of different materials and thus give them an individual touch.

Embroidery is the noblest and at the same time the most durable finishing option. We only use high-quality yarns from market-leading yarn factories. This has the advantage for you that these yarns not only survive normal machine washing, but can also be boiled or even bleached.


This finishing process is characterised by a soft handle. An advantage over classical printing processes is the elasticity of the film. This ensures that the prints do not tear after repeated washing.

The core of this technique is the pressing on of a special textile foil under high pressure and high heat.

Special design possibilities can be realized with this technique. Effects such as glitter or reflection are easily possible here.

direct print

The latest process in our portfolio is digital direct printing on textiles.

This process is particularly suitable for fabrics with a high cotton content.

Here we use a special inkjet printer to print ink directly onto the textile and then fix it with one of our transfer presses to make it durable.

Through a pretreatment technique it is also possible to print coloured or black textiles with bright, strong colours.

flock foil

The flocking guarantees a soft touch as well as strong, covering colours.

Our digital manufacturing technique enables us to produce both small and large quantities.

Special flock films can even be printed with photos or elaborate graphics.


Using carrier paper, colour is transferred to the textile to be printed under high pressure and high heat.

This printing process does not create a layer of ink on the fabric. Instead, the ink penetrates deeply into the fibre and bonds inseparably with it.

This printing technique can withstand any stretching of the textile and does not restrict the breathability of the fabric at the same time.

Unfortunately, it is only possible to finish light-coloured textiles with a high polyester content.

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