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digital manufacturing

3D Print

In order to be able to offer our customers not only finishing in series production, we have expanded our portfolio to include 3D printing. Thus, we can already produce expressive models of closures, bottles or technical components in the planning phase.

We can also manufacture technical components to make single productions profitable for our customers.

Laser cutting

With our Co2 laser systems we can cut different materials into any desired shape.

Suitable materials are e.g. plywood, MDF boards, precious woods, acrylic glass, various plastics, leather, foils, foam or cardboard and paper. We are happy to test other materials for their suitability.

Advantages of this process are:
             - non-contact cutting
     - small contours easily possible
     - quick sampling
     - Individual pieces possible
     - Small series are just as possible as large-scale series production


Technical components or complex 3D milling from acrylic glass are realized with our CNC milling machine.

Like all our production techniques, our milling machine is also controlled digitally and is therefore characterized by fast programming capability and high accuracy.

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